What is Integrative bodywork?

My approach to Integrative Bodywork employs elements of structural bodywork (Soma Neuromuscular Integration), with techniques from medical massage (St. John's Neuromuscular Therapy) and energy healing modalities (Jin Shin Jyutsu and Theta Healing). The purpose is always to create conditions in which the body can regain its optimal harmonious, free flowing state. Because our body-mind is naturally pliable and adaptable, our ability to heal is always available. All it requires is appropriate support and sometimes a little retraining, which is to say a deepening awareness of optimal function.  

How can integrative bodywork help me? 

*  Health Maintenance, overall tune-ups for general well being.
*  Specific healing support for acute and chronic injuries usually related to soft tissue damage. This includes: strains, sprains, fascial adhesions, problems with joint range, pain issues, etc. I regularly work with motor vehicle accident related injuries, work related issues, and sports injuries. 
*  IB is particularly well suited to treating injuries of the neck, shoulder, hip, and back. 
*  Support for improving posture, body awareness, and creating greater ease and coordination of movement. 

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The benefits of bodywork in the news 

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