choosing our teachers (part one)

What is a teacher? And to whom, or what, should we entrust our most sacred consciousness in the process of our learning?

I am constantly pondering the subject of human development and self cultivation so the question of teachers rolls around in my mind quite often.

Most, if not all, of us have known those rare individuals who are a clear breath of enlightenment upon our path. These are the inspired men and women who enter into our lives at just that right moment to offer not only a quality of content, but also a quality of spirit from which we can glean so much for ourselves.

We have also had other so-called “teachers” who have perhaps abused their position or “taught” us by example what not to do or think or be.  These too have their value, but in a less inspiring, more ponderous manner.

As we become adults, however, it becomes even more critical that we choose our teachers in life quite consciously and wisely. This is not always an easy process especially if our choices seem limited. Nor is it always easy to cultivate a healthy relationship with a teacher once they are chosen. There are many reasons for this, many stemming from past assumptions and ideas about the learning process in general.

This is especially important, however, when choosing a teacher in the martial arts or other systems of self cultivation. This is so because such arts run deep and are multidimensional in nature, affecting us on many levels. And while we are ultimately responsible for our own experience and progress, the source of our information and inspiration is very important. This is particularly true in the beginning of one’s study.

In my next few posts, I’ll explore some ideas on how to make wise choices when considering your teachers. We’ll also look at some “unconventional teachers” that can open up worlds of understanding and progress for you like none other…

Feel free to post your comments also. I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue.