Tai Chi
Resource Page

This page is collection of class materials and other good resources
for the study and practice of Tai Chi Chuan.
It is a work in progress, so you may wish to drop by on occasion to see what's new...  


Class Modules

The following modules offer a listing of the primary concepts and practices presented in the classroom at various levels of skill development. Please note that students are not required to use these in any particular way in order to participate in class.  I am, however, told they are quite helpful in the learning process and they will be a useful guide for those wanting certificates of achievement. 
1. Module 1: Simple Qigong and Beginning Qigong Theory

2. Module 2:  Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan

3. Module 3: Learning the Five Section Short Form

4. Module 7: Tai Chi Bare Hand Partner Drills I 

4. Module 9: Tai Chi Kicks and Drills


Video Library

* Reference Video for the Five Section Tai Chi Short Form - part 1 
                                                                                         - part 2 
* Sam Masich DVD Page - Highly recommended

Andy Dale DVD Page - Highly recommended